Feeding the Funky Bunch: Choc Coconut Fudge


You’re not going to believe me, but this dairy-free, refined-sugar free, wheat-free, gluten-free, nut-free fudge is delicious. More delicious than conventional fudge. Whoa! I hear you say. Is it really that good? Yes, it is. The main ingredient is coconut butter, which you can whip up amazingly easily in your thermomix and is, in itself, a great dairy-free butter alternative. Coconut does contain saturated fat, but it is in the form of medium-chain triglycerides which are easily digested, absorbed and utilised by the body. Much better for you than long-chain triglycerides found in saturated fat from other plant and animal sources.

The original recipe for this Choc Coconut Fudge is on Forum Thermomix. Here’s my version, with only slight changes to the method.


  • 400g organic desiccated or shredded coconut Regular coconut from the supermarket contains preservative 220, Sulphur Dioxide. Avoid this by buying organic.
  • 30g cacao powder You can substitute with organic cocoa powder but cacao is more nutrient dense.
  • 200g honey/maple syrup/agave syrup Feel free to use a combination of these.
  • Vanilla seeds scraped from 1/2 vanilla bean
  • 1/4 tsp pink salt

Thermomix Method

1. Prepare 23cm/9inch square baking tin by lining with baking paper.

2. Place coconut in TMX and process 2min,  Sp 8, scraping down the bowl midway. The coconut will have turned into a thick liquid, this is coconut butter. This step is very noisy!

3. Add other ingredients and process 10 sec, Sp 8

4. Spatula thick mixture into tin and flatten with back of a spoon. Cut into squares with a knife or small pizza cutter.

5. Put into fridge to chill for a couple of hours until firm. Recut the squares.

You can incorporate other ingredients such as cherries or nuts to add to this fudge. Just mix through for 3-5 seconds, Rev Sp 3.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERMIX as the coconut oil starts to separate out. When you push the mix into the tin you might find you get some coconut oil pooling on top. This will just set hard in the fridge and tastes yummy, but if you prefer you can soak it up with a little paper towel.


5 responses »

  1. How coconutty is the final flavour? I’m interested in whether it’s lamington flavoured or more subtle.

    Also can I suggest a cherry addition: I love dark choc Cherry Ripe. Feel free to experiment in October / November when I’m on the right side of the country 🙂

    • Hi Jane! It has a coconutty flavour, maybe a bit richer than a lamington. It is quite creamy so you get the coconutiness (is that a word?!?) without the texture of desiccated coconut. I have made it with cherries mixed through and it is absolutely divine. Very cherry ripe. I will whip you up a batch quick smart when you’re here 🙂

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  3. I’ve just made up a batch and licked the spoon – oh my goodness, it is divine! I cannot wait until it has hardened – in time for school pickup :-). Very glad to have found this site and looking forward to trying out some of your other recipes.

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