Peek in my Pantry: Vanilla Beans


I love scraping the vanilla seeds out of a fresh vanilla pod. They smell so wonderful and have such fantastic flavour. I am often disheartened by the ridiculous price of vanilla beans in the supermarket or even specialty store, and the fact that they are often so dry with very few seeds inside when you split them open. Well, I have the solution to both of those problems. Beautiful, fat, shiny, delicious vanilla beans at a very affordable price delivered to your door. e-bay. Yes, you read it correctly, e-bay.

I had read about ordering spices and vanilla beans through e-bay on a few blogs and decided to give it a go. There are quite a few e-bay stores selling them. I’ve bought through The Spice Mill with no problems at all. I haven’t ordered any other spices or spice mixes from them but I think I will in the future. They state that their spices and spice mixes are pure spices, no additives, preservatives or fillers.

How about the price? I ordered 12 vanilla beans from The Spice Mill for $13 including postage within Australia. To buy 12 vanilla beans from the leading supermarkets you’ll pay at least $45! and they won’t be anything like the gorgeous ones you’ll get delivered to your door. The beans come packaged in a high-quality, thick zip lock bag and mine have always arrived in perfect condition.

Once you have your fabulous vanilla beans, kick that vanilla essence, vanilla extract and vanila paste to the kerb and use fresh seeds or make your own vanilla essence and vanilla sugar. Plus, of course, you can scrape out the seeds and add them directly to your cakes, ice creams, custards, panacottas … yum!


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  1. Hi Ange thanks heaps for this post! Always been put off by the exhorbitant prices of shrivelled vanilla beans in supermarkets. Do these ones you get from ebay stay nice and shiny and moist for some time? storage tips? Cheers x

    • Hi Belle,
      I keep mine in the pantry in a Tupperware container and they seem to last beautifully. They are really plump and fragrant. In searching the net it seems air tight container in a darkened cupboard without moisture is the go. Definitely don’t keep in the fridge.

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