Homemade: Pizza Dough


I have made this pizza dough many, many times and it is fantastic. Easy to make, delicious to eat and, as a bonus, quite tolerant of young children kneading and rolling the life out of it before turning it into butterfly shaped pizza complete with little dough antennae!

It is  a Jamie Oliver Recipe from his first book The Naked Chef which I have converted for the Thermomix. To allow for proving time it’s a good idea to make the dough first then prep all your pizza toppings while it rises. This recipe makes enough for 6-8 thin crust pizzas. If you want to make more dough, do it in 2 lots as the thermomix can’t handle doubling this recipe.


  • 15g fresh or dried yeast
  • 15g honey
  • 300-350ml warm water
  • Water weighs 1:1 so 350ml of water is 350g of water
  • 250g white baker’s flour
  • 250g semolina flour
  • 15g pink salt
  • extra flour and semolina flour mixed together for dusting


  1. Place yeast, honey and half the warm water in TMX
  2. Mix 5 sec, Sp 7 with MC in place
  3. Leave in TMX for 5 min to allow yeast to react
  4. Add flours then salt  and mix 5 sec, Sp 7
  5. Set TMX to closed lid position and knead for 1-2 min while slowly pouring in remaining water
  6. Turn dough out onto floured bench or into large bowl with a handful of flour in the bottom
  7. Knead by hand for 30 seconds then leave to prove in a warm, draft-free spot for at least 40 minutes

I like to turn my oven onto 100C for 5 min then switch off and put dough in there to prove. I place the dough in a large, lightly oiled bowl and place a tea towel across the top to stop any drafts.


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