Feeding the Funky Bunch: Little Fruit Buns


Using the Hot Cross Bun recipe from the EDC, I made these Little Fruit Buns (I just left off the crosses!) for a friend’s birthday brunch today. Enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike, they were an absolute winner. The sticky sugar syrup glaze made them just a little bit fancy.

The dough comes together very easily and is a breeze to work with. After leaving to prove for an hour in a warm spot, I simply snipped off small portions of dough with my kitchen scissors, roughly rolled them into balls and placed them a centimetre apart on lined baking trays. I then left them to prove a second time for 15 minutes, baked 12 min at 220C and brushed with sugar syrup while still hot. Yummo! My girls are particularly excited that there are a few left over to have tomorrow. I haven’t tried freezing these, but I’d say it would work well. I’ll be whipping up another batch next week to freeze for school lunch boxes.



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