Homemade: Baking Powder


As soon as I saw the baking powder recipe in the Thermomix EDC, I thought “why on earth haven’t I thought to make this myself before now?”. It is so simple to make your own and it works a treat. It means you’ll know exactly what’s in it and you avoid any of the additives and aluminium that are often on the ingredient list of shop bought baking powder.

Simply make your own by combining 100g of rice flour, 100g bicarbonate of soda and 200g cream of tartar.

If you have a TMX or food processor just blitz the ingredients together for a few seconds, without a TMX just sieve the ingredients to get rid of any lumps and mix together well, then store in an air-tight container.

Be careful to ensure your ingredients don’t contain any additives or aluminium either. I use Mackenzie’s bi-carb soda and Cream of Tartar which are available at the supermarket and are aluminium free. Ideally use organic rice flour or make your own in the TMX from organic rice.

Baking Powder


This recipe makes a bulk 500g of baking powder which should last for ages, even if you bake a lot! It works out cheaper than buying pre-made baking powder too. On average, shop bought baking powder costs $10.40 for 500g while homemade baking powder costs only $7.10 for the same amount (approx 50c for 100g bi-carb, $6 for 200g cream of tartar, 60c for 100g organic rice flour). Happy Baking!


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