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Little People: School Holiday Clean-up


I fear this post will reveal a little too much about my mildly obsessive-compulsive nature around the house. Truth be told, I would love my house to look immaculate, everything in it’s place and a place for everything. Of course, I have 3 young children so this immaculate house is just a fantasy. However, I do find that school holidays gives me time to indulge in a few cleaning activities with the kids that I don’t usually have time for. What’s more the kids think it is fantastic and it is all free!

Here’s a few of my school holiday clean-up activities

  • Put all the dress-ups, dolls clothes and blankies in the wash and set up a clothes horse outside so the kids can peg out all the clothes
  • Take all the kid’s kitchen plates, cups, utensils, plastic food and so on outside and let the kids wash them in buckets of warm, soapy water. Set up some clean tea towels on the outdoor table for everything to dry on
  • Give the kids damp cleaning cloths and dry tea towels and let them clean all your kitchen cupboard and drawer fronts
  • Get their gum boots on and let them wash all the windows and fly screens. Yes, they will only get cleaned to the height of your tallest child but it’s a start!
  • Provide enough dustpan & brush sets for everyone and a big tub for rubbish and let the kids sweep up the backyard

If you’re wondering what on earth is wrong with my kids that they love this stuff, think again. You’d be amazed how many 3-6 year olds absolutely love these types of activities. With any luck they’ll be so entertained that you’ll be able to tidy up the rest of the house while they’re outside enjoying the suds.