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Homemade: Vanilla Sugar


To make vanilla sugar, I three-quarter fill a clean glass jar with raw sugar then place all my used vanilla pods in there to flavour the sugar. Once the seeds have been scraped out of the vanilla pod, simply poke it into the sugar and shake around a little. Over time the vanilla beautifully flavours the sugar. I particularly like using this sugar when making custard or a fruit crumble.

Usually I spoon out the sugar, leaving the vanilla pods behind then use as is or blitz in the TMX on Sp 9 for 3 sec to make vanilla castor sugar. Once there are 3 or 4 pods in the sugar I will start a new jar, eventually discarding the old vanilla pods. Alternatively you can make vanilla icing sugar. After the vanilla pods have been in the sugar for a few days you simply place the whole lot (sugar and pods) in the TMX and blitz on Sp 10 for 15 sec. Delicious!